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The Home Care
Industry is Exploding!
Now it’s Time to
Profit from it...

Everybody gets old. :older_man:


The over 65 population is set to
TRIPLE in the next 20 years.


Which means in your local city, there are
Hundreds of thousands people needing home care.


Plus, with thousands of nurses
and caregivers looking for work...


You can start your Home Care agency up in 7 days...
Connect the elderly with qualified caregivers
Charge anywhere from $4,000 - $10,000 a month


...And keep the profit yourself.

Fast to Launch

Get your home care agency live in 7 day.


Small fees to get setup. No costs until you land your first client.


Your caregivers will do all the work for you.


Impact potentially hundreds of lives, giving them amazing care.

Low competition

The elderly population is growing, with not enough agencies around.

Big Payments

Clients can pay anywhere from 4-10k a month.

I Accidentally Built a $30k/month Home Care Agency

“Margaret” and “Me” (1)

She was the most amazing woman ever.


When Margaret (my Nan) turned 84,
She needed help.

So after hiring multiple caregivers,
Paying them thousands every month for sub-par service


I knew I could do something better.


So outside of my Starbucks hours,
I spent months exactly how “Home Care Agencies” work


....And launched “Golden Age Companions”.

The first week?
We made a $7,000 sale.


A few years later?

“Golden Age Companions” is now making $33k per week in revenue  :chart_with_upwards_trend:

But more importantly, it's impacting hundreds of people,
Changing lives & allowing me to be my own boss...

While working just a few hours a week.


A Home Care Agency is The #1 Side Hustle to
Start in 2023

If you’re wanting a way to make extra online income...


A "Home Care Agency" could be the best way to make it happen.

The over 65 population is set to TRIPLE in the next 20 years...


And they need caregivers.


Here’s how it works:


So you can go & figure it out on your own,


Or you can...

I'll Launch Your Home Care Agency  in 4-6 Weeks


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A program I’ll personally work with you to start a Home Care Agency from scratch. Get the exact setup, strategies & tools I’m using to make $33k/week.

Get Me, My Team & My Exact Business System to Landing High-Paying Clients every month

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Inside the program:

1.1 Analyzing Demand for Home Care Services

1.2 Identifying the Target Demographic

1.3 Assessing the Competitive Landscape:

1.4 Market Analysis Template

2.1 Define Your Vision Statement

2.2 Define Your Mission Statement

3.1 Business Plan Overview

3.2 Executive Summary

3.3 Company Description

3.4 Competitive Advantage

3.5 Organizational Chart

3.6 Business Conclusion Overview Template

3.7 Software Overview

3.8 Scheduling/CRM Software

4.0 Legal Requirements

4.1 Register the Business Steps

4.2 Establish Legal and Regulatory Compliance

4.3 Insurance

5.0 Hiring Your Office Team

5.1 Determine Office Staffing Needs

5.2 Hiring Office Staff

5.3 Create an E-Learning Training for New Employees

5.4 Office Job Descriptions

5.5 Employee Handbook

5.6 All Employee Agreements

5.7 Management Team Template (For Website/Marketing)

6.0 Hiring Your Caregivers

6.1 Caregivers - The Core of The Home Care Agency

6.2 How to Hire Great Caregivers

6.3 Caregiver Hiring Process

6.4 Hiring Templates: Caregiver Hiring & Recruiting

6.5 Caregiver Employee Agreement

6.6 Employee Handbook

6.7 Caregiver Risk Mitigation

7.0 On-boarding New Clients

7.1 Lead Intake and Welcome Call

7.2 Initial Assessment

7.3 Care Plan Development

7.4 Caregiver Matching

7.5 Introductions and Orientation

7.6 Ongoing Communication

7.7 Quality Assurance

7.8 Effective Phone and Lead Intake Strategies

8.0 Placing and Matching Caregivers W/ Families

8.1 Understanding the Needs of Clients and Families

8.2 Personality and Compatibility

8.3 Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity

8.4 Caregiver Dress Code: Promoting Professionalism and Uniformity

9.0 Operations

9.1 Monday.com Operations Board

9.2 Determine Pricing Strategy

9.3 Client Contracts & Agreements

9.4 Establish Procedures for Scheduling & Billing

9.5 Service Offering Template

Reviews from My Agency:

Join Today Access $8,000 of Bonuses Completely Free

Join today, & you’ll get access to:


Done-for-you website templates


Done-for-You Google Ads Automations


Employee Handbook Template


Documents & Setup Templates


Caregiver Job Posts & Hiring Templates


Bench Bookeeping Software


B2B Outreach Scipts & Templates

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6 Month Money-Back Guarantee

You have 6 months to try out the program. If you go through the course, implement the steps and don’t make your money back you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Let Us Launch Your Home Care Agency in just 4-6 Weeks


What you’re getting:

Home Care Agency Setup

Lifetime updates

6-Month Guarantee

Done-for-you Website

Documentation & Setup Done-for-You

Done-for-You Google Ads

Caregiver Hire & Training

Employee Handbook Template

Bench Bookeeping Setup

B2B Outreach Scipts & Templates

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